Free Bootstrap Admin Template

a responsive HTML5 admin template based on Bootstrap 4. I will make it easier for you to create your own admin interface.

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Free Bootstrap Admin Template

Based on Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 has a card component that will allow you to create groups on each component in the layout you create. In addition, we have changed the style of the Bootstrap card so you can create cards of different colors.

Sounds good, right?

Card Title


Card Title


Card Title


Main Features

Some of the main features you should know

Responsive Design

Don't worry about the gadget you have. Stisla is very suitable for every platform.


Written with HTML5 and CSS3 and supported by most modern browsers.

JavaScript APIs

We provide some javascript APIs to interact with some components more easily.

Verified by W3C?

We care about this, but we are more focused on making a lot of components.

5 Skins Available

By default, Stisla has 5 skin colors ready for use but you can make your own.

And others

We don't want to talk much about this template, try it yourself and don't say anything.


To make it more interesting, we provide a chat box component.

Let's see ...

(sound above is the result of editing process)

The good news, we have a simple JavaScript API so you can interact with the chat box.

30+ Integrated Modules

What about the components?

Basically, Bootstrap 4 has a lot of components. But that does not mean it will meet your needs. Therefore we provide many components ranging from simple to advanced such as Card, Table, Modal, Chart, Google Maps and more.

... and we also provide some sample pages.

So, you can focus more on your goals

Live DemoLite Version


In the documentation you will find how to create layout, sidebar, menus and more. Also, we document some of the key components we've created such as Chat, Popup, Cards and more.

We don't provide offline documentation. Due to the online documentation, we will be easy to make changes and will certainly make you more comfortable in reading it.

Even so, you can still access the documentation of this template at any time.




We've 2 types of licenses for this template, same features but different permissions.

(Price displayed excludes VAT)


  • Basic features
  • Personal and commercial use
  • For several times
  • Create website/app for sale
  • Create CMS with this template for sale
  • Community Support


$20 $9
  • Full features
  • Personal and commercial use
  • For one time
  • Create website/app for sale
  • Create CMS with this template for sale
  • Community Support


  • Full features
  • Personal and commercial use
  • For one time
  • Create website/app for sale
  • Create CMS with this template for sale
  • Community Support

How to buy?

First, choose a license with your needs. The price listed does not include VAT. We use paddle as payment gateway so you can pay with PayPal and all most major credit cards and secure.

If you want to try it, you can use the lite version first before buy it. But, you will only get the basic features only.

Paddle mail
(Email when the purchase is successful)

Choose a License

Select the license you want and click 'Buy Now'.

complete checkout process

Fill in your email and complete payment and checkout process.


You will get an email containing this template's download link.

How do i get support?

To get support from us, you can contact us by email at Then we will reply at least 3 working days, but we often reply quickly, faster than your girlfriend.

If there are errors in the template and the error comes from the plugin we use then we will still help as much as possible, because if it is a bug in the plugin then we have to wait for updates from the plugin.

In addition, you will also get support through the community forum.

Discussion & FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can I resell this template to my friends?

You are not allowed to resell/redistribute this template to anyone. For example, you have purchased this template and then resale it at the same or different price to anyone then it is not allowed.

Can I create CMS with this template then sell it?

If you use this template with lite version or buy with the 'Author' license then you are allowed to resell it as to marketplace (CodeCanyon, Codester, etc).

Which one should I use between Lite version, Freelancer and Author?

Basically, we provide this template 2 versions ie Lite and Pro versions.

We create a lite version for you who want to try it first before buying it. However, the features on the lite version there are only a few.

For the pro version we recommend for you who do not want to be bothered to make the HTML components from scratch. Because, in the Pro version all the features in this template can be used.

To get the pro version of this template you have to buy one of our licenses 'Freelancer' or 'Author'.

The 'Freelancer' license is recommended for those of you who have small projects for just one client. So, if you have a new project again then you should buy it again.

The 'Author' license is recommended for those of you who often make digital products in digital marketplace like CodeCanyon, Codester, etc. So when you create a product with this template then you are allowed to resell it.

Will I get updates from this template?

You will always get this template update as long as the template is still alive.

Do I have to pay additional fees for template updates?

No, you don't have to pay for it.

We GitHub

We created a repository in GitHub for Stisla Lite, you can create an issue to report bugs or such and you can also contribute to something you just created, we welcome it humbly.